Your Recovery Cream is just amazing especially since it's absorbed so quickly and soothes so well. It really keeps the deep itching at bay for three or more hours.

Kathleen P.

I am going through radiation right now. I have used your product since I received it and just love the creme. What I especially like is that it is non-greasy and goes right into the skin. I am sure that this would be great for all over your body.

Elaine I.

Recovery cream has made a big difference to my skin because of radiation treatments. After 30 treatments I have only a slight sunburn and a small amount of discomfort from itching.

Virginia N.

I started using Recovery Skin Relief cream about 1/3 of the way through radiation. I never had a problem and it was just wonderful � no redness or burning. The doctors were amazed because I am so fair.

Sheila G.

Unlike others, I had the advantage of finding Recovery Skin Relief cream before I started radiation therapy. I used it twice a day from my first treatment to my last. My skin remained soft, albeit red. Recovery cream felt cool going on, and as treatment continued and my skin became more tender to the touch, Recovery cream glided on and didn�t pull the skin, nor was it sticky which can also cause pulling when skin touches skin. My radiation team recommended a petroleum based cream � I tried it once � it was thick and greasy. It pulled my skin when I applied it and then caused my skin to stick together when I moved my arm, causing discomfort. I had to put a gauze pad on to stop the chaffing. Not to mention trying to wash it off. For me Recovery Skin Relief cream was a blessing, it was gentle and effective, didn�t stain my clothes, and any leftover residue rinsed away without a lot of soap and washing. I had no dryness, cracking, peeling or wet blisters. It�s a remarkable product. I�ve recommended it to others I met in radiation and I will continue to speak highly of your product.

Carole C.

Recovery Skin Relief cream went on more smoothly than the other product suggested by the radiologist. Before using it my skin was very dry, itchy and tight. Recovery cream soothed the area and did not disturb fragile skin. What a difference! I would recommend Recovery cream in a heartbeat.

Barbara W. (nurse and cancer patient)

Our friend said Recovery cream worked really well and has given him a lot of relief. So thanks for formulating this terrific product.

Leslie K.

I started using Recovery cream at the end of my treatments. I had to stop treatments for 5 days because my skin was so burnt. When I used it, Recovery cream gave me cooling relief. It was like someone putting out a hot blow torch. It amazed me how well the skin healed. There is no greasiness and my skin drank it in like a cooling drink of water.

Iris B.