What is RECOVERY Skin Relief?

ECOVERY Skin Relief is a specifically formulated for people undergoing breast cancer radiation treatment.

Created by a breast cancer survivor and used during her own treatment, RECOVERY Skin Relief is purposefully designed for the cancer patient, by a cancer patient.

Key to any good treatment is remaining upbeat and positive. Skin irritation, burns, general redness, and overall uncomfortable skin can be taxing on an already difficult situation. RECOVERY Skin Relief-radiation cream allows you to face every day of radiation therapy with positive energy by helping your skin stay free of irritation, tenderness, and redness.

A unique, non-greasy, penetrating emulsion, RECOVERY Skin Relief-radiation infuses rich moisturizers deep into the skin along with ingredients that soothe itchy, swollen, and painful areas.

RECOVERY Skin Relief-radiation cream keeps your skin hydrated and soothes itching and burning for hours.